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Stooges Listening

Were you listening?  

The Three Stooges heard what was said about the Canadian Arts this past week!

Just in case you missed it, Canadian Arts was featured on The #QRChat Mobile Exchange Daily here   last Tuesday October 22 and also on   here   last Friday October 25……OK now                                                             your caught up…have a great week!


Posted: October 22, 2013 in Canadian Arts - Three Stooge Stuff

A special thank you to Sean Bell @seanbell for the mention in The #QRChat Mobile Exchange Daily stories section!







I hope my fellow Canadian friends had a great Thanksgiving and didn’t eat too much Turkey, I know I sure did.  We have a lot of new stuff coming in the next little bit.  Sorry about the lack of updates over the summer, but hey it was summer and I did capture the photo below to prove it.

Serenity Now - cr - small   This one’s titled “Serenity Now”

I have recently added this to our Facebook page, Etsy shop and site

I hope you get a chance to stop by one of these sites and check things out and be sure to keep an eye out      for our new stuff coming soon!

Thank you for now




Stooges Chicken

I wish all my Canadian Liker’s a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

All the best!


New Item – “Chasing Blue Sky”

Chasing Blue Sky - cr