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#Cyber Monday, Regular Monday, Ed’s Day Off, Christmas………….whatever?  The Sale continues!!!

Were NOT selling “Brighto”……. but we do have lots of “Nice” photo’s and QR Code art available for Sale!

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Three Stooges2a

New Item    IMG_0677_fhdrhjkhjkhjkhj


Sale Sale Sale -  The IT Crowd Photograph and QR Code

New Photograph and QR Code of The IT Crowd available from
Come visit our site for our Sale Sale Sale…EVERYTHING is on… guessed it….ON SALE…
Order EARLY to ensure for Christmas Delivery!

So the site is looking up, but I don’t know what seems to be taking so long.  I just hired these 3 new guys to develop the web site….    Hmmmm maybe I should ask the fellow with the “Bowl Cut” he seems to be in charge as to how much longer it will be.   He has assured me it’s 90 % done so you can check it out now…. Image

I’m also offering Free Shipping Worldwide once again at my society6 store until Sunday February 24th at Midnight.

Thank you for being so patient.

I know it’s been awhile since my last update, but I have been working on redesigning my Canadian Arts web site and it is almost completed.  I will be uploading some of my new Art work to this site as well as my Etsy site and society6 site. So sit tight and I thank you for your patience..